● Sterispan 5 Litre Hand Sanitizer can be used by taking it into smaller units like small spray bottles or medium dispenser bottles for daily use , It is more economical when compared to buying the smaller units many times. In the current situation an average person who is traveling everyday will use at least 20ml - 40ml per day . This 5 litre pack is handy at home for refilling into smaller units.

● Sterispan Hand Sanitizer is made of 70% Isopropyle alcohol which is very effective in killing most of the illness causing virus and bacteria.

● The Sterispan Hand sanitizer consists of 30% of water to make the Isopropyl alcohol stay on the hands for a longer time and that time is good enough to rub the hands thoroughly and kill the illness causing germs.

5litre Hand Rub Sanitizer

1 Milliliter
  • ● A small amount of 3-5ml of Sterispan Hand Sanitizer is taken into the hand and rubbed thoroughly on the front , back of palms and in between the fingers .

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Good product


Good quality

This 5litre pack is easy to fill into smaller bottles and is more economical.
Good perfume and non sticky.


Good product

I have been using the product since 1 year and its really good and non sticky.